Far be it for any of us to make fun of something we don't truly understand. And you know what's tough to understand? People who want to play bicycle polo in San Francisco's most crowded and popular public park. We're talking about the new bike polo slash multi-use court that's finally getting some action in the newly reopened northern half of Dolores.

But hey! This is San Francisco, and weirder people have done weirder things here. Some folks campaigned for the court to suit their needs and they got what they wanted, so let that be a lesson to all of us in getting things done.

Further, this form of polo doesn't seem as blue-blood as the original horseback sport, which by the way you can totally play in a Golden Gate Park league. Hate on that if you wish, but come on, it's probably cool if you somehow, somewhere learned how to play?

Regardless, if you were planning to exercise your right to talk smack about this whole bike polo thing, maybe first watch this extended GIF of the court in action. This snippet recently made its way onto the website SFTech Beat. Whether you secretly like it or openly hate it afterward, may this clip inform your judgment on a contentious subject.

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