A San Francisco youth corrections officer is in trouble after allegedly leaving behind a gun and some cocaine while on a family trip to Disneyland.

Robert Dandrea Minor, a corrections officer for the juvenile probation department of the city and county, was on a family vacation to Disneyland on June 5 when the Glock 20 handgun and .45 grams of cocaine were discovered in his hotel room in Anaheim. His wife told the staff at the Hilton that she left her jacket in their room after checking out, and a staff member who retrieved the jacket also discovered a fannypack with the gun and drugs inside.

Although the handgun was registered to Minor, he's facing an additional felony charge of possession of a firearm to go with possession of a controlled substance. "When you have a gun with drugs, it's worse (charges)," deputy prosecutor Renee Jones told the Orange County Register.

Minor was arrested but has since been released from custody and returned home to Hercules. According to a press release from the Orange County DA's office, he will return to court on July 29. His status with San Francisco's juvenile corrections department is unknown. He faces up to four years in prison.