In case there was any doubt, and needless to report, a California judge has summarily dismissed the proposed Sodomite Suppression Act, a ballot measure written by a bigoted Orange County lawyer that advocated the shooting of all gay people. As the HuffPo reports, California Superior Court Judge Raymond M. Cadei ruled in favor of Attorney General Kamala Harris who earlier had filed a request for declaratory relief, citing the obvious unconstitutionality and stupidity of the proposed measure.

The ridiculous measure, sponsored by Huntington Beach-based attorney Matt McLaughlin, called for any person who touched another person of the same gender for sexual purposes to "be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method." Because McLaughlin paid the nominal $200 filing fee before the February deadline, however, Harris was legally obligated to circulate the title and summary of the measure, despite the fact that it was unlikely to get the 365,000 signatures necessary to get it on the ballot.

Writing in a brief ruling Monday, Cadei said that the Act was indeed "patently unconstitutional on its face" and Harris need not circulate it, because that would be "inappropriate, waste public resources, generate unnecessary divisions among the public, and tend to mislead the electorate."

In the wake of McLaughlin's offensive stunt, a bill was introduced in the CA legislature that would increase the filing fee for ballot measures from $200 to $8,000.

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