As we mentioned the other week, artist David Best is building a brand new version of his Temple at Patricia’s Green, thanks to new funds from The San Francisco Arts Commission. And this morning at 11 a.m. was the official spire-raising, according to a press release from the commission, though it appears from this photo on Hoodline that there are still quite a few more pieces to put in place before the thing is done.

The new version of the installation/interactive sculpture will stand a full 12 feet taller than the version that first appeared on Patricia's Green in 2005 — 37 feet versus the previous 25 feet. (See the previous, completed one below.) And like Best's earlier temples, both here and at Burning Man, the raw wood piece is meant to be a "canvas" upon which visitors can write personal messages to loved ones, living or dead, as "a place of remembrance." As Best says, "When we finish the temple and turn it over to the community it is an empty building... It has no life until the community brings that life to it."

In addition to the crane placing the spire this morning, a large chandelier is being installed inside. But the place, according to the release, remains an "active construction site," and it's not yet clear what day the fencing will come down and the public will be welcomed to begin scribbling on it.

The Temple at Patricia’s Green is being weatherproofed with the intention that it will stand for one year.

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