When three people were shot near the Golden State Warriors' victory rally Friday, an interesting discussion developed in the comments to our report. Some commenters, it appears, feel that violence like this is an example of how Oakland needs to "get its shit together." And while internet comments often deserve to be ignored, there's one Oaklander who seems to agree that the city's in shambles: Mayor Libby Schaaf, who is blaming a recent injury she suffered on the town she governs.

According to the Chronicle, Schaaf's recently been seen around town in a blue cast, after she broke a bone in her hand last Thursday.

Schaaf says she ended up in the cast after she tripped on a raised sidewalk in Oakland, and shattered the appendage in her fall. But the culprit isn't a lack of attention or clumsiness! Nope, It's Oakland, she says.

The perilous sidewalk is “just another example of crumbling infrastructure,” she told the Chron, much like our commenters were saying regarding Friday's violence.

But Schaaf is tough and able to bounce back, just like we all hope Oakland is! A day after her city-caused slip, she was riding her fire-breathing snail car in the Dubs' victory parade, MC Hammer at her side. It takes more than a raised sidewalk to keep Schaaf off her city's crumbling streets!

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