41 new emoji have been approved by the Unicode Consortium as part of the latest release of the universal picture-based texting array, Unicode 8.0. iPhone users may have to wait until September for the release of iOS 9 to get to use them though (sadface, teary face). As Emojipedia reports, the newly approved emoji include a bottle with a cork popping, taco, burrito, cheese wedge, popcorn, and some vital new facial expressions including mouth zippered shut, eyeroll face, and face with head bandage.


The new release also includes the skin-tone variations and family variations (including same-sex parent families) that Apple already rolled into their last iOS update in April, even though they were technically still in the "draft" stage awaiting approval. June 17 is the official approval date for the whole new array. Please be aware that July 17, 2015 has been declared World Emoji Day.

There are 14 new family types that are part of the new Unicode release, but Apple already released these as part of the iOS 8.3 in April.

It remains to be seen when, exactly, all these fun new emoji will be available for your texting pleasure on iOS, Android, and Windows phone platforms.

Interestingly, though the ever useful middle-finger emoji was approved in Unicode 7.0, it still is not included in most of these platforms. Shouldn't that be more in demand?

The non-profit Unicode Consortium now actually pays attention to public demand and requests for specific emoji, and some of those included in the new release were added by popular nomination, including unicorn face, turkey, hot dog, and cheese wedge. Other considerations have to do with cultural parity — they added mosque and synagogue symbols where before there was only a church — generality, and expected usage level. The campaign for the hot dog emoji, for instance, was led by Chicago's Superdawg starting earlier this year.

And in case you don't own a cell phone and aren't hip to emoji speak, New York Magazine and The New Yorker have covered the topic, and someone has translated all of Moby-Dick into emoji — it's titled Emoji Dick, and you can buy a copy for $40.

The next Unicode update, Unicode 9.0, won't come until mid-2016, but there's already a list of candidate emoji being considered, including face palm, hand taking selfie, nauseated face, and croissant.

Coming soon?

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via Unicode Consortium