The San Francisco Police Department is seeking the public's help to track down two guys who not only tried to rob a SoMa gas station, but did their best to kill a man who was working there.

According to SFPD spokesperson Officer Carlos Manfredi, at 2:40 a.m. on May 19, two men walked into a gas station at Harrison and 8th Streets.

The men, who you can see in the photo above and the video below, briefly engaged the gas station employee in conversation before brandishing a handgun and demanding the station's cash.

shell 211-color.jpg

“They point the gun to the clerk and they ask to go for the safe,” Manfredi told KPIX.

“Didn’t waste any time, didn’t want the cash register, wanted the safe.”

The terrified staffer ran from the station, as one of the men followed, shooting at his fleeing figure.

“These two gunmen then ran outside of the gas station, and you can see one of the gunmen wearing a Raiders sweatshirt take four shots at the fleeing victim as he’s running for his life,” Manfredi said.

Fortunately for the gas station employee, the Raiders fan's aim was not true. None of his shots found their target, and the gas station attendant resigned from the station.

"The danger just isn’t worth it," KPIX reported.

Meanwhile, the suspects remain at large, after fleeing in a light-colored sedan that might have been driven by a third person.

shell 211.vehicle.jpg

They were last seen headed southbound on 8th Street toward the Highway 80 on-ramp.

You can get a pretty good look at both suspects in the video below. Police say that they're both Latino males aged 22-25. One is six feet tall and looks to weigh about 150 lbs, with black hair, brown eyes and a thin mustache. He was last seen wearing a grey beanie, a black hooded sweatshirt, a white t-shirt, jeans, and white shoes.

The second suspect is 5'5'', weighs about 120, and has black hair and brown eyes. He's the one who was wearing that Raiders hoodie, and also had on blue jeans and black shoes.

Manfredi says that police are especially eager to nab these guys specifically because they were thwarted in their last attempt.

"They were unsuccessful in this attempted robbery and attempted homicide, which mean there's a greater likelihood that they're going to strike again and they're going to hit someone else, somewhere else," Manfredi told ABC7.

Do they look familiar to you? Then please do give SFPD's Southern Police Station Investigations Team a call at (415) 575-6050. You can also call the Southern Station's Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 552-4901, SFPD's general Anonymous Tip Line at (415) 575-4444, or you can Text A Tip to TIP411 with “SFPD” in the opening of the message.

Warning: The video below contains profanity and loud gunshots! Turn down the volume if you're at work.