The Warriors lost last night's Game 2 of the NBA Finals to Cleveland, 95-93. Good. They deserved to lose.

After it was announced that Cleveland's Kyrie Irving would miss the rest of the Finals due to a knee injury he sustained in Game 1, the only question regarding this series was whether the Warriors would sweep or would the Cavs perhaps maybe manage a win in Cleveland before the Dubs were ultimately crowned kings. For some Warriors fans, this was a shame because they wanted to see our boys up against a (nearly) full-strength Cleveland side and truly earn a well-fought championship. For others, we solemnly poured one out for Kyrie before pounding the rest of that 40oz. to freedom, because, hell yeah! a very wide, very clear path to the mountaintop had just been paved with Cleveland's salty tears. But after last night's game, the only thing that remains certain is that the winner will not sweep the loser. Ladies and gents, we now have ourselves a series.

There's no getting around this: Steph Curry lost the game for the Warriors. And look, that's OK! He's the MVP. He's the single biggest reason why the Warriors are even in the Finals. Hell, he may very well become the Finals MVP in a week's time. But last night, for one game, he was the worst player on the court. He shot the ball 23 times from the field and made 5. Five! Of 23! He was 2-of-15 from 3-point land. Those 13 missed 3s are the most in NBA Finals history. That's not the kind of 3-point record we're accustomed to from the MVP. He also turned the ball over 6 times, more than any other Warrior and Cav, save one (Dellavadova also had 6). Do I understand why Coach Kerr designed a play for Steph for the go-ahead shot in the closing seconds of OT? Yes, you dance with the one who brung ya. But do I wish Klay took that shot instead? You bet.

So now what? So now nothing. Steph had an absolute nightmare of a game and LeBron put up a bonafide triple-double and their bench outscored ours and Mozgov went HAM and the Cavs STILL couldn't beat the Warriors in 48 minutes. By all rights, the Warriors should have been annihilated and humiliated on their home court last night. Instead, they simply lost a close game in overtime. Yes, the Warriors deserved to lose last night's game, but that they nearly won does not bode well for the Cavs. If you think Steph shoots .133 from the 3 again, EVER, well, there's a brand new, mint condition, perfectly functioning bridge featured on the Warriors logo that I'm selling.


1. Before this series started, my friend Eddie asked how much I'd be willing to pay for seats. I said I'd only want to go to a potentially series-ending game, which would mean either Game 5 or Game 7, and I'd spend up to $500. He laughed for a few minutes then showed me ticket prices for the first two games and said unless I want a bloody nose, I'd have to spend at least $1,500 for semi-decent seats. I, of course, passed, and last night is the reason why. I like sure things. If I'm spending $1,500 or more, I demand a sure thing. I demand to see the Warriors winning it all for the first time in 40 years. But this is sports. There are no sure things. Instead, you might see Steph shoot the basketball the way I shoot the basketball. You might see the Warriors lose in overtime. I feel bad about the $50 bar tab on nights the Warriors lose. I'd cry the entire BART ride home if I dropped $1,500 on last night's game. I don't have the stomach for it. You do get a cool t-shirt though, so at least there's that.

2. If Mo makes this dunk, the Warriors win the game. Mo!!!

3. The refs were horrid. For both sides, yes, but mostly against Cleveland. There were some calls and non-calls that even I, as a very biased Warriors fan, could not believe. And the Dubs STILL couldn't capitalize on them! They really did deserve to lose last night.

4. This LeBron guy is pretty good. He might make something of himself in this league. 39 points, 11 assists, and 16 rebounds. That's quite the stat line. But those 39 points came on 11-of-34 shooting. Not that good! He's a volume guy and he'll miss a ton, which would be great for the Warriors if Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov would stop hoovering up all the rebounds.

NBA Finals Schedule, Series tied, 1-1

Game 1: Golden State 108, Cleveland 100
Game 2: Cleveland 95, Golden State 93

Game 3: June 9, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)
Game 4: June 11, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)

Game 5: June 14, at Golden State, 5 PM (ABC)

Game 6: June 16, at Cleveland, 6 PM (ABC)

Game 7: June 19, at Golden State, 6 PM (ABC)