Not far from the Oakland Coliseum, the site of last night's NBA Finals Game 1 victory for the Warriors, an NBA crew left their van in a parking lot near a Panda Express off Hegenberger Road. That turned out to be a mistake.

According to Bleacher Report, the crew returned from their meal to find that their van had been burglarized. $40,000 worth of equipment was taken, they say, including camera gear, five laptops, cell phones, and personal belongings.

The incident, which happened Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight, represents an unfortunate welcome to Oakland for the NBA. The Mercury News reports that the shopping center parking lot in question has been the site of numerous car burglaries. But, as the NBA Finals continue and more tourists and media pour into Oakland, police plan to increase their presence at such destinations.

Not drawing a connection here, but incidentally, the Chronicle recently called out the media covering the Finals for focusing on San Francisco rather than Oakland, with more B-roll footage of the Golden Gate Bridge than the Bay Bridge, and few mentions of Oakland at all. That's odd, given that Oakland is home to Oracle Arena. However, last night was an improvement, with more images of Oakland on display during the ABC broadcast.

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