The concrete-walled entrances to BART stations along Market Street are set to get makeovers over the next decade or so, as the Chron's John King explains in an impatient tone today. He's impatient, you see, because the city launched a Better Market Street initiative five full years ago, in 2010, and it's just barely getting underway with environmental studies and multiple alternatives still to be debated ad nauseam. But now BART is committed to redoing the entrances of its stations along the corridor, beginning with three entrances, two at Powell Street and one at Civic Center. Each will be getting new canopies like the one rendered above, designed by Via Architecture, with high glass walls and supported on slim columns.

Somehow, hidden in that canopy, is some sort of roll-up door, which will be used to close off the entrance at night.

And, presumably, this new design took into account the poop factor, hereby preventing the escalator wells from becoming ersatz toilets after closing time by moving the door to the top of the stairs.

BART is relying on $12 million in state funds to install these new entrances as well as a couple new escalators — hopefully replacing the horrible ones at Civic Center that are constantly breaking.

It's unclear when these first few canopies will be built, but King as the full set of Powell and Civic Center entrances being completely redone by 2020, with Embarcadero and Montgomery stations to follow.

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