Yes, the Golden State Warriors are kicking all sorts of ass these days, but we all know that a career in the National Basketball League can be distressingly brief. That's why, Funny or Die posits, the Warriors' small forward Harrison Barnes needs a back-up plan — in this case, a retail sales job at Hayes Valley clothier Marine Layer.

When Barnes applies for a gig on the floor of the boutique, he's confronted with the kind of we're doing god's work here manager (actor Jake Regal, not an actual Marine Layer staffer, we'll note) anyone who's worked retail sales will cringingly remember. It's funny because it's true!

Does Barnes have what it takes to work at Marine Layer? A look at their staff photos might suggest that he definitely has at least one quality the company appears to be missing (you're all smart people, you can figure it out), but with a reported $3,049,920 salary for the current season, a $3,873,398 paycheck for the next, and an offer of $5,194,226 on the table for 2016-2017, he might want to hang on to his day job for now.