N Judah riders were stuck in place for nearly 40 minutes, and for once, it's wasn't Muni's fault. Instead, a pickup truck parked along its route extended into the light-rail line's path, snarling service until someone came out to tow the vehicle.

If you're a driver, riddle me this: when you see a solid white line while parking, do you attempt to A) avoid it or B) straddle it? If you said "B," then you should become pals with whomever owns the truck depicted above. That's who, at around 2 p.m. last Thursday, parked a fairly normal-sized pick-up truck on Carl Street near Hillway Avenue.

Perhaps the driver of the truck was unfamiliar with what the white line represented, and didn't think anything of parking with one tire on the line's (very) wrong side. But that misjudgment was enough enough to stop the N Judah in its tracks for at least 40 minutes.

By 2:40, a towing company had arrived and removed the offending truck.

And shortly thereafter, the N was back in business.

In response to the SFMTA's last tweet, graphic designer Amanda Smith exasperatedly tweeted "is it possible to keep the N running properly for an entire day?!"

Thought the SFMTA didn't respond to Amanda, I'm happy to! The answer is, "No! Not if folks block its path! It is not possible. Sorry!"

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[h/t Streetsblog SF]