Do you have a pile of cash just sitting around that you were considering using for kindling in your barbecue? Perhaps you enjoy driving fancy cars, but despite having plenty of money to buy several of them you only have garage space for one in parking-deprived San Francisco. Well, Audi has a new on-demand service just for you, waiting to take your money. As The Verge reports, the car company using SF as a test-market for a new, ultra-luxe, brand-focused rental service, which is sort of like Zipcar for the elite. Rental rates on Audi OnDemand start at a mere $165 a day for the Audi allroad wagon, and $200 a day for the A5, and they go up to $1,195 a day for the R8 and $1,285 a day for the convertible R8 Spyder.

Cars can be unlocked, locked, and started all using a smartphone app, and there's a concierge service too, so you can have the car dropped off or picked up at the location of your choice. And you can download the app here at the iTunes store.

This of course is happening in San Francisco first because we're now the national hub of all frivolous douchebaggery, and because Audi's are apparently popular here. The company also is using SF as the testing ground for its A7 self-driving vehicle, which already hit the local streets last fall.

Audi appears to be looking to compete with mobile-based, luxe car rental services already in the market like Silvercar, which currently rents Audi A4s exclusively with fleets based at nine U.S. airports. Those often go for under $100 a day, however.

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