Arguably San Jose's biggest tourist attraction, the 160-room, allegedly haunted Winchester Mystery House has recently gotten a permit to allow for overnight stays on the property, as well as a full-service restaurant with alcohol. As the Silicon Valley Business Journal reports, even though the famously huge labyrinthine house has 40 bedrooms, the permit suggests that overnight guests would be housed elsewhere on the property, like in the "the pump house, caretaker's residence, [or] foreman's quarters."

For those who haven't been, the Winchester Mystery House is the former home of Sarah Winchester, the widow of an heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. As the story goes, she was told by a psychic that she was being cursed by the spirits of dead people who had been shot by Winchester rifles, and the psychic told her to build a house and to keep on building it or else she would die. The house became a tourist destination after her death as the public discovered the many false doors and staircases Winchester had had built into the vast residence as a means of confusing or outrunning these ghosts.

Thus people think of it as a pretty spooky place, and it was even featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, largely because of a chandelier that likes to swing on its own.

So how fun would it be to get drunk and get lost in there!? Actually that doesn't sound that fun. But I'm sure many a bachelorette party will enjoy it.

As ABC 7 notes, the staff have made no announcements about when overnight sleepovers might begin — and it's likely that following the March 5 issuance of that permit there's some construction/remodeling that has to take place.

Sidebar: There's a somewhat funny story about the house and poor, crazy old Sarah Winchester. She apparently believed that the 1906 earthquake was all about her, or the ghosts telling her stop building the house. The house had reached seven stories by that year, and the upper levels collapsed during the quake. Winchester became trapped in one room for several hours as a result, and because she slept in different rooms every night (to confuse the spirits), her servants couldn't find her, so she had to wait it out.

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