If you smell a strange odor as you're headed through Pacifica, it might not be the cosy burg's usual funk: a dead whale, 49 feet in length, was discovered Tuesday morning on the beach at Mori Point, and there it remains as of this morning.

Officials from Sausalito's Marine Mammal Center aren't sure how the beast, believed to be an adult sperm whale, died. According to KRON4, no trauma was visible on the body.

the Marine Mammal Center is planning on doing a necropsy on what remains of the massive corpse (per KRON, "it is decomposing...chunks are washing off") today with the help of the California Academy of Sciences to determine the cause and approximate time of death.

According to the NOAA, sperm wales can live to be 50-70 years of age. An endangered species, they can be found in all oceans across the globe, though their exact numbers are "difficult to estimate, mostly due to their capacity to remain submerged for long periods."

Officials still haven't decided what will be done with the corpse after their investigation. A dead whale that washed up on Ocean Beach in 2010 was eventually buried beneath the sand, so that's a likely option in this case. But whatever they do to put the late whale to rest, they better do it quick, before, well, kablooey.