This week's Willie's World is full of terrific tidbits from the man we all once called Da Mayor. First off he'd like everyone to know that Gavin Newsom should be Hillary Clinton's most obvious choice for a vice-presidential candidate, but we probably will hear a dozen names thrown out for that role over the next year. He does add that she "could really make a statement and pick a woman." Also, Willie just had dinner with Dianne Feinstein and boy is she pissed about the traffic in SF these days!

It took her and husband Dick Blum "an inordinate amount of time" to get across town to have dinner with Willie in North Beach following the Sunset district funeral of Gov. Jerry Brown's sister, Cynthia Kelly. And Feinstein seems to blame the gridlock on Ed Lee's ineffectiveness as Mayor, and on all the damn Uber and Lyft cars clogging the streets without any regulation — you can just hear her complaining all through dinner, can't you? Of course there's also a ton of construction, everywhere, and Van Ness was impassable all weekend causing a ripple effect in every direction, and as any San Franciscan will tell you, unless you're already downtown, North Beach always has been so hard to get to.

Also, Feinstein remains on the warpath against Airbnb, and may even write her own revised Airbnb ordinance for the November ballot if no one else does.

In other local news that Willie would like to talk about, he reiterates what we learned two weeks ago about Aaron Peskin's new bid for Supervisor: Rose Pak wants to take down Board appointee Julie Christensen, and Rose is "working on Peskin’s campaign as enthusiastically as she did on mine, and a lot more enthusiastically than she worked on her longtime friend Ed Lee’s mayoral campaign." But, in Willie's opinion, Peskin is just "a troll."

Meanwhile, as Matier & Ross also noted in their Saturday column, Lee's out for Peskin's blood and made a not so veiled threat to business and tech leaders who might think about supporting him.

And it wouldn't be a Willie's World without a couple capsule movie reviews tossed in. (Is anyone even editing this thing? Nope!) Between his notes on some Union Square fashion lunches and on Cynthia Kelly's funeral, Willie says that Fast and Furious 7 has "no real story and no real acting, but the stunts are unbelievable." Also, lest you think he only goes in for Hollywood trifles, the new Hellen Mirren film Woman in Gold is "very good."