Instructables, the delightful site where you can learn how to do or make just about anything, has released this video for a retro-style Apple watch based on the historic Apple II in a clever juxtaposition of products that shows the crazy trajectory of the company. In response to the question asked about every Apple product: No, you shouldn't buy it. You should build it.

That said, it looks awfully tricky to make. The Apple II watch is the work of
Aleator777, whose bio reads," I make electronic whatsits, 3D-printed thingamabobs, and laser-cut kajiggers for the Instructables design team." There is a detailed paper trail here in case you'd like to try your hand at building this thing.

Other FAQs: Does it run BASIC? Hell no. "Although the MCU I'm using runs at a blistering (by early 1980's standards) 72 MHz , the watch functions are mostly parody of the modern Apple Watch. My version does keep and display the real time and date, the rest of the UI is mostly for fun. I considered spending the time to add a BASIC interpreter (either Woz's Integer Basic or perhaps Tiny Basic), but the return on my time would be diminishing." Overall, Aleator777 spent about 3 weeks "casually working on the case design and basic circuitry and another week on the graphics and software."

The video also come with this mash-up press release, a combination of the 1984 Apple II announcement and the Apple Watch announcement.

CUPERTINO, California—September 9, 1984—Apple Computer Inc.® today unveiled Apple // watch™—its most personal device ever. Apple // watch introduces a revolutionary design and A BASIC USER INTERFACE created specifically for a smaller device. Apple // watch features A KNOB, an innovative way to SCROLL, without obstructing the display. The KNOB also serves as the RETURN button and a convenient way to PRESS RETURN. The CATHODE RAY TUBE display on Apple // watch features TEXT, a technology that ALLOWS YOU TO READ, providing a new way to quickly and easily access BASIC PROGRAMS. Apple // watch introduces a built-in VERY SMALL SPEAKER that discreetly enables an entirely new vocabulary of alerts and notifications you can HEAR. Apple Computer custom-designed its own 6502 PROCESSOR CUT IN HALF to miniaturize an entire computer architecture onto a PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD. Apple // watch also features TWO DISK DRIVES to pair seamlessly with your MAGNETIC STORAGE DISKS.

Pricing & Availability Apple //w will be available in early 1985 starting at $1299 (US). Apple // watch is compatible with Apple // or Apple // Plus, Apple /// or Apple /// Plus, Apple //c, Apple //e, Apple Lisa, and Macintosh running on ELECTRICITY.

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