Blessed with less traffic and fewer intersections than parallel east to west thoroughfares like California, Geary, or even Lincoln, Fulton Street is a west-side driver's secret passage when trying to get to or from the outer limits of the city as fast and furiously as possible. But that's all changing, as a San Francisco Police Department crackdown is set to nab any drivers that exceed the roadway's 25 to 35 30 mph speed limit.

Look, I'm not saying it's good, I'm just saying it happens: anyone who regularly drives on the stretch will tell you that vehicles regularly hit near-highway speeds as they travel between Ocean Beach and Arguello. And with next-to-no cross-traffic, lights are short and sweet, making it a savvy speeder's dream. But no more, KRON4's Stanley Roberts reports, noting that a recent 10-hour crackdown resulted in 98 tickets for speeders along the route.

Judging by Roberts' video report (you can watch it in full below), the easiest spot to nab speeders is near the Golden Gate Park Senior Center, located across Fulton in Golden Gate Park near 37th Avenue. There, Fulton's 35 mph limit (in a note sent to SFist after the publication of this post, Peter Lauterborn, Legislative Aide for Supe Eric Mar, says that Fulton's general speed limit is 30, not 35 as Roberts reports) drops to 25, to the surprise of those who got pulled over by cops eager to write them a ticket. (My favorite is the guy, screencapped above, who was going 49 in a 25 zone WHILE EATING A SANDWICH.)

Even though I know you (if you drive at all) and I only drive at a lawful speed because we care about safety, etc, beware. According to Roberts, SFPD officers are stationed on Fulton watching for speeders "seven days a week," and the only thing you probably want less than a ticket is to be on the "behaving badly" end of his camera.