Firefighters made a grim discovery on Saturday as they removed a "mummified" body from a Richmond District house packed full of junk.

The house, on Fourth Avenue, was so full of debris that the front door was nearly blocked reports SFGate. The crew had to enter through a window while wearing oxygen masks and came out with the body covered in a blanket. "It's mummified, lightweight, wrapped in a blanket," one of the firefighters was overheard saying to somebody with the medical examiner.

SocketSite broke the story on Friday, saying the house had been foreclosed upon, which is why a crew from the Department of Public Works came to begin clearing the debris earlier in the week. However, once they realized the extent of the mess, they realized they were "in over their heads," said a neighbor. Rats, black widows, mold, and hundreds of bottles of urine were among the many reasons why a hazmat team was eventually called to the scene.

A woman named Carolyn living at the house has been hospitalized, and is reportedly the daughter of the original owners of the property. The 110-year old house is listed as being owned by Anna and Archibald Ragin. Archibald Ragin died "years ago" according to a local business owner, and Anna herself hadn't been seen in "several years." The body removed from the house is presumed to be Anna Ragin, though authorities have not confirmed its identity.

According to ABC 7, neighbors say the woman living at the house had been hospitalized before for hoarding. One neighbor said the house was "worse than the show."

Another neighbor has said a man was also living in the in-law unit on the property.