Believe it or not, a tiny bit of moisture might be headed our way this weekend, and next week. The rain gods are blessing us with a decent chance of precipitation on Sunday evening, as the Chronicle and others are telling us. The National Weather Service was putting the chance of Sunday rain at a mere 20 percent, however if you look at Yahoo Weather right now, they've just got a big old storm cloud defining all of Sunday. Weather Underground is putting that chance of rain at 50 percent (and saying it will arrive Sunday morning), with an even greater chance of wetness coming on Tuesday.

Yes, for Sunday, we're looking at just a whisper of rain, like less than a tenth of an inch. But on Tuesday it could get closer to a half inch, so that's exciting.

Interestingly, though we are well below average for the "water year" that began on October 1, we are only 5 inches below normal, which sounds a lot less than I expected given how ridiculously dry the past three months have been. We are currently at 16.04 inches of rain for this year, going back to October.

So it's possible you will need to bring a slicker or an umbrella to the Hunky Jesus contest, and some of those drag queens' Easter bonnets might get damp.

Here is your weekend rain anticipation music: