Last night's Warriors game was, in a word, insane. 26.6 seconds were left in the game, Phoenix 104, Golden State 102.

Steph took the ball down the court and drove in for a double-teamed, contested lay-up. Missed. 19.3 seconds left. Andrew Bogut got the offensive rebound and put it back up. Missed. 17.5 seconds. Phoenix had the re but lost it to Harrison Barnes, who took his shot. Missed. 12 seconds. Bogut got the re, dished it out to Klay, who took it to the 3-point arc, squared up for the open shot, and...passed it to an even more wide open Steph. Splash.

6.8 seconds, Phoenix 104, Golden State 105.

Phoenix inbounded the ball and their Eric Bledsoe found a WIDE OPEN path to the basket. Ugh.

4.5 seconds, Phoenix 106, Golden State 105.

Golden State tried to get the inbound to Steph, but no dice. Instead, it went to Harrison. He drove it into the very crowded paint where six very big men with bad attitudes were already standing. Ball went up…score.

0.4 seconds, Phoenix 106, Golden State 107.

The Warriors have only lost twice at home this season and they weren't going to lose a third, not with this girl in the house:


via Deadspin