Why bother! And this isn't even an April Fool's joke. While his brother G.W. spent zero time in the Bay Area during his historically disastrous eight years in the White House, Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush arrived in the Bay Area today to raise money for his stupid campaign.

As NBC Bay Area and the Chronicle note, Jeb is coming this way amidst the controversy over Indiana "religious freedom law," which has already caused a huge enough backlash for Governor Mike Pence that he's backpedaling faster than you can say "career-ending gaffe."

He's supposedly headed to find some sympathetic ears and open pockets in Silicon Valley for his Right to Rise Super PAC, of which there will hopefully be very few. (Politico notes that he's already had an uphill battle in Republican-dominated Orange County, and the move to come here is just desperate.) But one of his strategists clearly thinks there's some money to squeeze here, or they're testing the waters to see if Jeb will do just what W did and steer completely clear of this mostly liberal enclave from here on out.

Bush already made a tone-deaf comment this week, hoping perhaps for some airplay on Fox News, praising Pence for doing "the right thing,” and saying that “once the facts are established, people aren’t going to see this as discriminatory at all."

Oh... just leave.