"The S Curve is history, the Cantilever sections are almost history, and plans are underway for the next two phases of bridge demolition on the old East Span." So writes Metropolitan Transportation Commission video journalist Mark Jones on his video of a timelapse demolition, or really deconstruction, of the Bay Bridge's old eastern span.

In the video, a general update, flagged by NBC Bay Area and posted by Jones last month, Caltrans engineer Bill Howe estimates that the remainder of the west cantilever will be down by sometime next month and that the east cantilever will come down by June.

As the Oakland Tribune informs us, the eastern span of the bridge is being razed by Caltrans, who offered a winning $69 million bid for the job. But, as the Associated Press reports, contracts for the demolition of the foundations, which might involve explosives, are still TBD.

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