Here's a goofy blast from the past to end your day with us at SFist.

TV Spy recently dug up a classic (OK, that might be a wee bit generous of a word) promo featuring their old SkyLink satellite truck breaking the "sat-truck world land speed record" at a blazing 81.73 mph. We're no experts, but we're not positive that's recognized by Guinness.

Of course it was done and shot at where else but the world-famous Bonneville Speedway in Utah, where all the land-speed records are set. According to TV Spy, the truck had the record painted on its side. Bragging rights!

In the YouTube comments a Don McCuaig says he cut the original promo and identifies the man seen throwing his cap down as speed record holder Craig Breedlove, who says "Man that's a fast truck!" No word on whether or not he added the faux-thrash metal soundtrack too.

McCuaig adds, "Gas was cheap back then."