Are you sitting down for this news? Sorry, that question is redundant, because the news is that you're probably sitting in your office right now where you'll spend more time working than employees in any other US city.

According to a report released by the NYC comptroller ranking work hours across the country, full-time working San Franciscans toil for an average of 44 hours and one minute per week. Factoring in commute times, which run an average of 4 hours and 57 minutes every week, our work travails take 48.58 hours per week.

But yes, with the commute factored in, New Yorkers — who work 42 hours and 50 minutes a week in the office on average — end up spending more time in "work-related activity" (as the report deems the aggregate of commute time and office time). With its average weekly 6 hours and 18 minutes of commuting, New York ends up ranking as the report's "hardest working city."

But let's call BS, shall we? Though our total work/commute time loses out to NYC's, I think we can comfortably say that putting in the most time at the office and a little less wasted time on the way there and back makes us the most efficient city. And plus, our offices — at least some of them — have ping pong tables, artisanal lunches, and nap rooms you won't find on Wall Street. Wait, could that be why we spend so much time in the office in the first place?

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