Lost Weekend isn't going anywhere — well, that's not true, it's staying put and, in a twist, also opening a new location in Oakland.

Though the 18-year-old Valencia Street fixture of films and comedy nights (via the "Cinecave") has been struggling since at least last summer, which the Weekly reported at the time, the news is not, as was expected, of a May 1st closure. Per Lost Weekend:

As of mid-February, we here at Lost Weekend Video were preparing to close up shop on May 1st after 18 years. Our rent, while market rate, has continued to rise & video rentals have continued to decline at such a rapid rate as to see 20-30% decreases quarter to quarter. But a couple of things then happened that with a little help we hope may save our skin. Our landlady raised our rent, but renewed our lease for another year, our friend Steve at Oakland's 1234Go! decided that now might be the time to explore a San Francisco branch, and after months of looking, we think we've found a great space in Oakland's Uptown District, where the landlord & the city are actually super stoked on the idea of a video store/comedy club moving in.

So, here's the plan. Partnering with Oakland’s 1234Go! Records, Lost Video will relaunch the Valencia Street location on April 18th (which happens to be Record Store Day) as a new hybrid video and music. Staff and supply will expand, and over in Uptown Oakland, this fall they'll open The Cinecave East Bay.

For an incredibly thorough list of the changes and plans, check out their IndieGoGo campaign. They say they still need help and are seeking donations in the large amount of $40,000 by a deadline of May 1st. So far, $5,000 has been raised. All in all, it sounds less like a "Save Lost Weekend" fundraiser than a make Lost Weekend bigger and better than before campaign.

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