In case you weren't in attendance, we've got some sidesplitting video from last month's MOTHER: Star Search Pageant, part of local drag star Heklina's new iteration of Trannyshack at SF Oasis.

In giving up her crown from the 2014 Star Search Pageant, Andrew Slade, aka Chaka Corn, put a unique twist on her song and dance, incorporating a Mario Kart backdrop and simulating a race on stage. The performance cast the Castro as the level Rainbow Road and Chaka Corn as the character Princess Peach.

By day, Hoodline informs us that Slade practices 3D life and environment modeling and video game design, calling himself a "huge gamer nerd." In 40 to 60 hours, he simulated the N64 game with a San Francisco focus, using Muni, Lyft, and Uber as car choices. Here's the act:

Chaka Corn Star Search Step Down from Edward Wright on Vimeo.

And here are the vehicles the players mocked up for the performance. I'd love to see them racing around the Castro on Halloween or something.


Also, if you want to see the game — though you can't play it — take a look at some of the great details here.

Chaka Corn "San Francisco Mario Kart" Background Video from Andrew Slade on Vimeo.

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Chaka Corn via Facebook