It is genuinely nice to see Patrick happy, and not being neurotic about it, and finally able to enjoy his newly cemented relationship with Kevin — and last night's episode, kind of like last week's, was oddly full of good plot development, as well as some graphic gay sex.

We open with a lingering shot of Patrick and Kevin waking up in bed once again, this time fully naked, and with Patrick sweetly telling Kevin to go back to sleep while he goes to the kitchen to make breakfast. He then proceeds to try to carry two coffee mugs and two bowls of yogurt back to the bedroom, drops it all, freaks out about it a little bit annoyingly, and Kevin tells him just to get back in bed. It turns out their gay role-playing app is basically finished and Patrick is excited to debut it at a gay gamer conference happening that weekend. "I hate putting something out in the world that isn't absolutely perfect," Kevin says, feeling hesitant. "Well, it's close enough," says Patrick, even though we've seen them spending exactly zero time actually working on this thing.

We then see Augustin already throwing shade in Kevin's direction at the kitchen table, and out comes Patrick wearing the same Boston-terrier-in-a-sweater sweater that Kevin was wearing a few episodes back — something else that makes Kevin nervous because it means that people at work are going to know they're an item now, and he wanted to wait for a "courtesy gap" after breaking it off with John.

Cut to them in a meeting at work in which they really awkwardly have to explain to their colleagues that they're having sex and Kevin slept over last night. Would this happen? Isn't there a whole HR rulebook violation happening here and someone can file a lawsuit for having to listen to such details? Yes, and we get a comment from Meredith, who called Kevin "David Beckham" a couple weeks ago, saying "I hope it won't impact our company culture of fairness and this won't result in heterosexuals being discriminated against." Also, Meredith does march off to HR right after the meeting.

Most of the episode is about Patrick and Kevin at their conference, but we do get a quick update on Dom's chicken window — he said he went ahead and signed a lease on the place and maxed out his credit cards even though the promised money from Doris's dad's will hasn't come through yet (and we see from the teaser from next week that that will prove to be a huge mistake). And once again Malik is pulling Doris away from Dom, and she's heading to a young niece's birthday party in Vallejo instead of helping Dom install some water system the next day. He instead brings Augustin in to help with that, and all Augustin does, per usual, is sit around and talk about himself — this time it's his turn to have an HIV scare after he gets some of Eddie's cum in his eye during sex. They look like they're working through it, though, and we are treated with a full-frontal nude shot of Eddie (Daniel Franceze) in the process.

Kevin and Patrick then head to set up their booth for One Up Him at the Gaymer conference where Patrick immediately points out some "porn guys" in a booth across the way (one of whom is actual gay porn star Connor Maguire). Patrick tries to go make friends with a wheelchair-bound app-maker there (his app is called Glorified, and it's a glory hole social networking app) who proceeds to make bitchy comments about Patrick's app, and about the fact that he and Kevin look like brothers/twins and are therefore narcissists. Also, of course, Richie shows up with his boyfriend Brady, who is covering the conference for the Weekly, and who seems very interested in writing up Patrick and Kevin's app — but of course it gets awkward again when Richie finds out they're a thing now.

It turns out that there's a "prom" at this Gaymer conference, and Patrick has not only brought his and Kevin's suits along, he's gotten a hotel room upstairs and gotten Kevin a boutonniere. And unlike at an actual gay gamer conference, everyone actually dresses up for it and dances rather than hiding in their rooms playing games. Patrick gets Kevin to dance, and then they get a slow dance in which Patrick gets to flaunt their love in front of Richie and Brady, to the tune of Jessie Ware's "Say You Love Me."


Cut to them having a late-night drunk double-date in a diner and very wasted Brady conveniently insists that Kevin take him to the bathroom to throw up because he "sounds like Mary Poppins," allowing Richie and Patrick a few minutes alone. Patrick tells him about Kevin showing up on his doorstep a couple weeks earlier, and says, "The last time someone stood on my doorstep they told me I wasn't ready. This time I just decided to go for it." And then Brady comes back and lets loose saying, "I take back all the shit I said about you guys... You're not everything that's wrong with the gay community."

Patrick and Kevin go back to enjoy the views from their suite, and Patrick waxes nostalgic about being at Berkeley with Augustin and deciding he wanted to live in the Bay for "as long as I could hang on." They read the first review of their app, which is bitchy and dismissive, and after Kevin dismisses it and says they should just be proud of what they've achieved, Patrick blurts out, "Ohmygod I love you." And after a few seconds where Kevin asks, "Are you freaking out a bit now?" and Patrick saying they don't even say "I love you" in his family, Kevin returns the L-word. And here we go. They've only been officially together for two weeks!

The episode closes with them climbing under the comforter, them against the world. Only two more episodes to go — possibly ever if HBO decides not to renew the series — and will get any satisfying hints about the stability of this relationship? Will Richie edge his way back into Patrick's heart somehow (he did look pretty sad watching Kevin and Patrick dancing)?

Bonus from next week's teaser: the return of Julia Duffy as Patrick's mom.

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