After his plans for a $700 million illustration museum in the Presidio were spurned, Star Wars creator turned Star Wars destroyer George Lucas took off at lightspeed for Chicago last June. But there, instead of the warm welcome he was promised by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art was met with opposition including a November lawsuit filed by Friends of the Parks. The museum's Chicago plan calls for lakefront property, and also a much cooler design than the much criticized Presidio renderings.

Now, it's possible Lucas will seek yet another home for his museum, this time, Los Angeles. But seizing the moment of uncertainty, the Chronicle reports that the Bay Area Council, with approval from Mayor Libby Schaaf, has sent Lucas a plea to consider Oakland for the re-relocation.

In a long entreaty/invitation, Bay Area Council executive Jim Wunderman invoked the perhaps apocryphal Oakland inspiration for THE AT-AT Walkers in the Lucas universe. “Urban legend suggests that you drew inspiration from the Port of Oakland's towering maritime container cranes for the (giant walking tanks) that appeared in The Empire Strikes Back.’” Yes, Lucas has called that a "definitely a myth," but intention and inspiration are slippery, so who knows.

During last year's Lucas museum hubbub, others pushed for an Oakland option as SFGate reported at the time. Leading the charge was Oakland Council woman-at-large Rebecca Kaplan, with Oakland native MC Hammer chiming in that “I support George Lucas in every aspect... But if there’s any way you don’t want it, Oakland — we’ll take it. We’ll take the check, we’ll take George Lucas. We’ll put them right there at Jack London Square.”

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