Invitations have gone out for Apple's next big unveiling event, on March 9, with the cheeky and obvious tagline "Spring Forward" as the sole clue about what the focus of the event will be. As Bloomberg is reporting, a source at Apple confirms that the event will center around the Apple Watch, which was originally unveiled back in September, but is now almost ready to be shipped to stores. There may be some new bells and whistles to talk about, as well as details about pricing for different models and battery life which were not discussed at the first event.

The event falls one day after the Daylight Savings time change, which is on Sunday March 8.

We know that the watch will come in three models to start, classic, sports and gold, with various band options, and it must be paired with an iPhone in order to function. The basic model will start at $349. It will act as both a wrist watch and a kind of mini version of the phone, Apple's hope being that along with not wanting to reach in our pockets to check the time anymore, we will also enjoy being able access calendars, music, and fitness info from our wrists as well. Gizmodo adds that we also know the watch will be waterproof enough to take in the shower, and will require nightly charging.

At the March 9 event we can also expect to learn an exact ship date, which so far we only know is in April sometime.

And apparently Morgan Stanley projects that the watch will generate $8.1 billion in revenue for Apple this fiscal year.

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