Yesterday in Silicon Valley, Hillary Clinton sat down on stage for an interview with Re/Code's Kara Swisher, who opened with the joke, "I was just interviewing President Obama and I'm looking forward to interviewing another president." This was at the Lead On Watermark Conference for Women at the Santa Clara Convention Center, and Swisher wasted no time trying to get Hillary to announce her candidacy and stop dilly-dallying. And Mrs. Clinton wasted no time laying out the broad strokes of her campaign themes, a central tenet of which is restoring bipartisan cooperation in Washington.

She tells the eager audience that she still has "a lot to think about" before she makes her candidacy official. But she'd love to "bring people from right, left, red, blue, and get them into a nice warm purple space where we're actually talking and trying to solve problems."

And when Swisher asks her what her campaign might look like, should she finally decide to run. Clinton says, "We have to restore economic growth with rising wages for the vast majority of Americans. And we have to restore trust and cooperation in our political system so that we can act like the great country we are."

For those who are curious as to the answer to the question, "IPhone or Android?", Clinton's answer is "IPhone, but also Blackberry." In case you didn't know, D.C. runs on Blackberry.

Listen to her thoughts on women in tech, Edward Snowden, net neutrality, and her explanation of the rise of ISIS in this 34-minute interview below.