You should have seen this coming, especially if you're familiar with the oeuvre of Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius. The case of the late-night vandals who tore up some turf doing donuts in a construction vehicle last week and lit themselves a bonfire in the still-closed northern half of Dolores Park has given old Chuck reason to suggest that the place needs to be policed all the time, going forward.

In his latest fist-shaking editorial, Nevius writes about the "consequence-free zone" that's been created across the city when it comes to vandalism. And he talks to Supervisor Scott Wiener who pledges that there will be at least six park patrol rangers on duty for SF parks — he notes the "embarrassing" fact that previously there were only two every on duty for all 220 Rec & Parks properties.

The SFPD mostly has its hands full in the Mission without having to worry about busting open containers in Dolores, but Nevius makes an effort to connect the "knuckleheads" who hopped the fences to be vandals last week to the rest of us who go there to get drunk with our friends on sunny Sundays.

He notes the cries from the public about the "war on fun" that have come up again and again, but in true curmudgeon fashion, suggests that we all, as a city, had better suck it up and accept more policing of the park if we don't want it destroyed.

Let's hope no one listens.

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