At least someone's been putting that empty eyesore to good use! We learn via Hoodline that the Fire Department was called to the former Home restaurant at Church and Market Tuesday afternoon after a report of a fire on the premises. What they found once they busted inside the boarded-over building was an encampment "occupied by at least two individuals, who were evacuated and appeared to be homeless."

There was, apparently, a small fire somewhere inside (maybe some kind of makeshift cooking situation on the former restaurant patio??).

As many of you know, Home has been vacant since 2011, and just yesterday we were talking about the latest designs for a condo development on the site, which is why you haven't seen any potential restaurant tenants sniffing around the place for a long while.

And, it stands to reason, with nobody ever paying attention to this big empty building, that someone was bound to break in.

It's unclear how long the place had been serving as a squat, or whether there's even running water in there anymore.

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