As we explained the other day, those who were properly registered were permitted to purchase individual tickets as noon today. Most then had to sit in a virtual line of anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour, according to various reports, because I guess that's how this inefficient sale system over at Black Rock City works — I would not know because I have not ever personally done this. Last year, reportedly, all 40,000 of these tickets sold out in the first 40 minutes. This year, it seems as though some technical glitches may have lengthened that, but it appears that all individual tickets were sold out between 1 and 1:21 p.m., according to

But across San Francisco and the nation, excited Burners and virgins were giddily sitting in front of screens today, anxiously awaiting the click that would cost them $390 and will lead to waiting in a four- to seven-hour line once they arrive at the gates. Your next and only other chance to buy tickets directly from BRC will be on July 29 as part of the "OMG Sale." But there is also the official Secure Ticket Exchange, for those who change their minds.


Jaded old person PS: Whatever. It's jumped the shark. Sorry bout it.

Ticket day turns weird at Burning Man Headquarters. | #BMHQ #burningman #brc #spiritanimal

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