San Francisco heiress turned bank robber turned John Waters bit player turned cultural icon Patty Hearst can add one more line to her incredible resume this week: prize-winning dog owner. In a scene better suited to movies, namely a certain Christopher Guest movie, the real-life Patty's adorable shih tzu just won the top prize in the Toy Group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York. The pooch, whose hair might be longer and more silky than Patty's own, is named GCH Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power, Rocket for short.

Always having to answer questions about her infamous past whenever she encounters a media type, Patty, 61, was especially cheeky when the Associated Press approached her after Monday night's big win, while she was smiling proudly at Rocket. "People move on,” she said. "I guess people somehow imagine you don’t evolve in your life. I have grown daughters and grand-daughters and other things that normal people have." In other words: Let me have my moment with my shih tzu, people.

For those who are not students of local/cultist history, Hearst is the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst and became famous herself for getting kidnapped in 1974 by a group called the Symbionese Liberation Army who allegedly brainwashed her into joining their radical ranks and robbing a Hibernia Bank in San Francisco. At the time, she carried a semi-automatic rifle and called herself Tania. There's even a Drunk History episode about it in which Kristin Wiig plays her. She went on to be featured in Waters' Cry-Baby and Serial Mom.

Rocket, who is co-owned by Hearst and two other people, will now go on to compete tonight for Best In Show.

Patty also joked with reporters about how her two daughters, somehow, ended up being cat people. "I don’t know what I did wrong."

File under: stranger than fiction, and fantastic.