Waterstrider, an Oakland-based five piece outfit, has just released one of the more intriguing music videos to be set in our part of the world. Take a disorienting trip with the band through various times (yes, that is a medieval knight at one point) and on the familiar (but uncanny) streets of San Francisco. Confidently strange direction comes from Joe Nankin.

"Calliope" is the second single off the band's newly announced LP, and on the track, flagged by the Weekly, Waterstrider's sound has a very cool, very mysterious groove. And, by the way, Nate Salman's voice really impresses. He tells the Weekly that the track “is about a psychological battle with one’s muse. Afraid of giving everything to the unknown force behind a creative process and exposing our hearts to the world, we shackle ourselves to routine experiences.”

The single is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp, and you can catch Waterstrider as they open for another local act, Cathedrals, at the Independent on Feb. 21 — if you can manage to find a ticket to the sold out-show.