Check it! An apparently "secret" sideshow that took place on January 25th became the backdrop for this new music video. Credit for the footage goes to Ace at Fox Body Movement Car Club. And as Ace tells us, "Oakland sideshows tearing up the streets throughout The Town. Thousands of people involved. Police TRIED to stop it BUUUUT....NO GO FOR THE POPO!!"

The track is part of a free mixtape that can be downloaded here, titled H.U.S.T.L.E(Having Unlimited Sources To Live Everyday).

There's been an uptick in sideshows in the East Bay, and KRON 4 reports on a couple of arrests made at one last weekend. KRON 4's Stanley Roberts posted the video above suggesting that the uptick is because the sideshows are now "generating revenue for the sponsors." I'm not sure what revenue he's referring to.

Oakland City Councilman Noel Gallo spoke to KRON 4 over the weekend about the sideshow problem, and his proposed solution is to have sanctioned sideshow events take place at racetracks or fairgrounds outside the city in order to draw the crowds, and the dangerous donut-spinning, elsewhere. Hear it from him below.

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