Attention all car geeks and Tesla fans: A couple of eagle-eyed dudes managed to snap photos and a video of Tesla's Model X last Friday out on a former naval air strip in Alameda. The test-driver appears to be testing acceleration as well as handling around curves, and you can hear the tires squeak as they make a lot of tight turns. It's painted camouflage so that it can't be detected from above (or something?).

Tech Times got the tips from readers, with one initially believing this was Tesla's rumored, Prius-like Model 3. That entry-level sedan is slated for 2017.

The Model X, which was shown in a concept version back in 2012, is an SUV-minivan hybrid with an optional third row of seats in back, for a total seating capacity of seven, it looks like.

We don't get to see the awesome "falcon-wing" rear doors opening in the video, but you can see previously released images of them here.

The Model X is being built in Tesla’s expanded facilities in Fremont, and the current delivery esimate for the cars is early 2016 according to Tesla, though Tech Times is still saying third quarter 2015.

Below, the photo snapped by Brandon Kiehne and posted to Instagram.