A motorcyclist got very lucky last Wednesday evening after a driver blew a red light near San Francisco's Union Square, collided with the man's motorcycle, and sent him flying through the air, only to stick a perfect landing right on his feet. And he captured the whole thing on his helmet cam. This looks to have happened at Ellis and Cyril Magnin.

On YouTube, the motorcyclist mourns the death of his "heavily customized 2011 Daytona 675," but says he's lucky he just walked away with "bumps and bruises." He says "ATGAT saved me," referring to the acronym for "All the Gear All the Time" used by motorcyclists referring to always wearing helmets, jackets, and pads.

In the video you can see he's shaken up and not quite sure how hurt he is, and a passing nurse even comes to ask him what he's feeling and if she should call an ambulance.

He subsequently posted the video to Reddit and posted these images, including the one below, of the banged up bike.