It looks like the story of The Addition abruptly closing its doors this month may be getting a bit more messy. A tipster wrote into SFist telling us that Fillmore Live Entertainment, the concert production entity that was formed to manage the former Yoshi's SF music venue when it was sold last year, sent out an email saying that refunds for canceled shows would be issued, however this reader, not seeing any refund after five days, decided to press further, and all he got was a run-around.

The reader and refund-seeker, Jason Spangenthal, tells the story of being ignored by Fillmore Live after responding to the initial message about the refunds, and then trying to go through Ticketfly, which says it only provides software and could not issue any refunds.

This is when it gets good…..

I then reached out to various members of Lee Fields (one of the scheduled performers) management team regarding refunds. I got a rapid response from both his manager and the tour promoter saying that unfortunately they couldn't do anything about the ticket situation, but that they have also been trying to get ahold of the management team from The Addition with no luck, the same people that sold the tickets. Phone calls and emails were not being returned. They have since hired an attorney to handle the situation.

Spangenthal was able to get the charges reversed via his credit card company, and other ticket holders in a similar situation with The Addition should probably do the same.

Given just how fast The Addition shut its doors after being officially under Fillmore Live's ownership for just two and a half months, it's not a stretch to assume they were pretty cash-strapped. But is there something shady happening with the refund situation? Are they hoping some ticket holder are just going to forget?

According to Peter Williams, the venue's artistic director, the owners were still hoping to find a new lead partner to take over the 400-person-capacity venue as of a couple weeks ago. Also, there's that big empty restaurant that's up for grabs, too.

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