Someone inside the evil empire that is Comcast at least a sense of humor. A story's emerged via Wired that a Spokane, Washington man's Comcast bill arrived with his first name changed to "Asshole." This all happened after the man's wife got into a dispute with a Comcast rep after trying to cancel her service — you know, like on that infamous recorded call from last summer.

Blogger Christopher Elliott first reported the story after he was forwarded the bill from the woman herself, Lisa Brown, showing the name on the account as "Asshole Brown." Her husband's real name, and the former name on account, is Ricardo.

The best part about this story is that it actually took the woman multiple tries to get the account name fixed! She went, in person, to a local Comcast office and made some calls, and no luck. It wasn't until this blogger started poking around and calling them himself that a regional PR person intervened and called the name change "completely unacceptable and inappropriate."

The reason for a rep deciding to rebrand the account "asshole" seems to be that the woman refused to keep her cable service after being offered a two-year contract. She claims she was perfectly polite about it, but she was trying to cancel the cable and keep just the internet service.

Comcast has apologized to the couple and given them a two-year credit/refund. But once again they've got to deal with a viral story about a rogue employee that casts the whole company in the negative light it deserves.