Wow. So, this room in SoMa just popped up on Craigslist in a "co-ed community house" which, if I had to guess, has a A LOT of turnover. Why do I say that? Because the room is barely big enough for a twin bed, and because it is a house of 60 people. 60. Most of them tech workers. That's six zero. 60.

All 60 apparently share the same kitchen? Well, the ad is a little vague on that point, referring to a "community" of 60 and a "very large house," but they may not all live under this one roof. A group photo only shows about 35 (mostly white) people in their 20s, and below you can see the list of "Facebook one-lines" of their occupations, which is not 60 entries long.

This is the kitchen:


Given that they're all, presumably, paying about the same amount of money ($1500) for about the same amount of space, once can assume that they're all brand new to the city. And they will hopefully find better homes than this soon.

(See also our pieces on The Negev and Campus organizations for similarly communal, dorm-like housing options that are cropping up everywhere, catering to techie newcomers.)

Below, the current residents' "Facebook one-lines":

Software Engineering at Google
Works at Genentech
Web Developer at DayJam
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Software Engineer at Square
Stanford University
Senior Advisory at E&Y
Software Engineer at Dropbox
Software Engineer I at EA Games
Associate Consultant at Triage Consulting Group
Product Manager Intern at Criteo
Web/App Developer and Designer at Freelance
Stanford University
Member at Sandbox
University of Tennessee
Harvard University
Works at LinkLift Ltd.
Norwich School
University of Waterloo
Works at LinkedIn
Stanford University
Data and Policy Analyst at Acumen, LLC
University of Michigan
Developer at GRID by Binary Thumb
Works at Compass
Software Engineer at Square
Software Engineer at Apptimize
Software Engineer at Amitree
Software Engineer at Square
Software Developer at Kinetic Growth
Works at Zenefits
Imperial College London
Works at Google
Chairman at EBSpreneurship
Software Engineer at Clever
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Project Manager at Momentum Design Lab
Coach at Dev Bootcamp
Relentless maker at BitPay
Software Engineer at Uber
Duke University Fuqua School of Business
Northwestern University
Founder at
Georgetown University

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