"I don't know why I'm so invested in women cumming," said sex advice columnist Dan Savage last night at San Francisco's Castro Theatre. "There's nothing in it for me!" But Dan did have "magic/silver bullet" advice for women who might arrive at partnered sex without the, as he puts it, expertise in their own bodies that young men might have.

As for getting past such inhibitions, Savage recommends — conservatives will love this — marijuana. "I have a pro-pot bias," says Savage, who currently hails from Washington State where recreational pot use is legal and frequently prescribes a little pot to his callers with hang-ups.

To top it off, this was all at a taping of NPR's Ask Me Another quiz show, hosted by the charming Ophira Eisenberg, as part of the ongoing Sketchfest festivities. Next thing you know Paula Poundstone will be toking up (and getting off?) on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.