If you haven't yet seen American Sniper, you might be the only one of your friends after the film made some serious box office bucks in the usually slow movie month of January. The Clint Eastwood-directed movie grossed $105 million in its wide release last week, proving America's enduring love for war dramas and for Bradley Cooper, and potentially throwing a wrench in the ongoing murder case involving the film's real-life hero.

Now NBC Bay Area introduces us to Aidan and Madeleine McGraw of San Jose, the six-year-old twins who play the kids of Cooper's character, based on real-life Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle.

Their parents, Colin and Jackie McGraw, say the twins' burgeoning acting career is a "blessing," and will go to fund their college education.

Sadly, the tykes don't have invites to the Oscars, despite the film being nominated for Best Picture.