The plans of passengers planning on traveling from San Francisco International Airport to Tel Aviv were thwarted Monday night, after a phoned-in bomb threat grounded their flight during its first leg in New York City.

Delta Airlines Flight 468 left SFO at around noon yesterday, and was scheduled to stop at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport at 7:40 Monday night. From there, many of the flight's 171 passengers would deplane, then hop on another Delta aircraft, also called "Flight 468," and head to Tel Aviv.

Instead, however, someone called another airline (not Delta, oddly enough) saying that there was a pipe bomb on Delta Flight 468 while the SFO-JFK plane was in the air. Officials could not confirm which airline received the call at publication time.

This prompted a massive response in New York, as you might imagine. When the plane landed, instead of taxing up the gate, it was "moved to a remote area of the airport," CBS New York reports. There, K-9 units searched the plane, and the passengers were escorted off and questioned by authorities.

As you might have suspected, no pipe bomb, or any other suspicious devices, were found.

Meanwhile, Flight 468's second leg, which was supposed to leave JFK for Tel Aviv at 9:23 Monday night, "was screened as a precaution" then departed, Jon Pentangelo, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesperson says. (The Port Authority handles security for JFK.)

According to officials, the FBI in now investigating the threat, and urges anyone with information on the call to contact them via their electronic tip line.