A band of U-Haul driving thieves did little to dispel the stereotype of San Franciscans as fleece-swaddled outerwear freaks, after the miscreants decided that the wares at a Fisherman's Wharf Patagonia store were so desirable that they had to steal them en masse.

NBC Bay Area reports that two men smashed the box-type rental truck through the front doors at the Patagonia store on North Point between Hyde and Columbus Streets at about 3:35 this morning.

The suspects, described by ABC7 as "two black men wearing jeans and bandanas" as well as "masks and gloves" (says KCBS) grabbed multiple racks of clothing, including piles of jackets "valued up to $700 each," according to NBC.

The thieves also got away with "high-end vests, jackets, scarves and shirts," KCBS reports.

According to NBC, the thieves were in the store grabbing merch for about a minute, leading police to believe the location had been cased beforehand.

The thieves were last seen piloting their U-Haul full of stolen goods westbound on North Point toward Van Ness at 3:38 a.m., reports ABC7.

Police say that a partial view of the U-Haul's license plate, revealing the sequence "AG135," might lead them to the thieves.