Frank Chu continues to be the most confusing, interesting man in San Francisco. Latest proof: He held a "Gods Hates Dinosaurs" sign designed by the artist Doctor Popular in the Chu style.

To put these events in context: This is basically the San Francisco equivalent of the Ryan Gosling/Macaulay Culkin "T-Shirt Inception."

Earlier this month, Doc Pop — who was one of the folks behind the holiday season's GIF the Halls giant projection stunt — was hyping his mock-religious cartoon pamphlet God Hates Dinosaurs. He did that by confusing and amusing Powell St. passersby with a big "God Hates Dinosaurs" sign.

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The stunt was inspired by Frank Chu, whose similar signs are also produced by the sign shop Signographics. And even though you likely know all about Chu, it's fun to try to explain his schtick, so here goes. Chu's a general cult figure, "professional protester," and a truther regarding his inscrutable theory of the "12 Galaxies." But he's always showed brilliant self-awareness, from his AMA on Reddit to, now, this.

Yes, Chu held Pop's "God Hates Dinosaurs" sign. "Frank is helping me with my project," wrote Doc Pop on Twitter, "It's like a dream come true for me." I think it's a dream come true for us all.

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