The SoMa collision that took the life of 24-year-old bicyclist Amelie LeMoullac in August of 2013 has officially been found to be the fault of the driver of the truck that hit her, as a Superior Court jury has found in a civil case that concluded this week. The jury found that 47-year-old big-rig driver Gilberto Alcantar caused the collision by illegally maneuvering into the bike lane on Folsom Street that morning to turn right, or southbound, onto Sixth Street.

No criminal charges were ever brought against Alcantar, but this civil judgment gives $4 million to LeMoullac's family, which will be paid by Alcantar's employer, Milpitas-based Daylight Foods.

The verdict is a tragic victory for bicyclists after this case made many headlines, some of which initially blamed LeMoullac herself — as did the SFPD, before ultimately apologizing. The SF Bicycle Coalition was instrumental in seeking out surveillance footage to refute the SFPD's claims.

LeMoullac's father tells KQED, "This was not a mere accident, and I’m relieved to hear from the jury that something wrong was done, and I’m very sorry that the police missed that."

Update: LeMoullac's brother Charles, responding to commenters on SFist who seem still intent on placing blame on the cyclist in this incident, has the following to share:

For whatever reason you seem intent on rambling on without having a shred of knowledge as it relates to the facts. You are in no position to "rule for a much lower award" from the comfort of wherever it is you are typing this nonsense, so please keep your "guesses" to yourself. So as Amelie's brother (who attended the trial and heard multiple accounts from EXPERT witnesses) let me lay down some facts for you.

1) Amelie was not wearing ear-buds at the time of the accident. This was conjured up by the defense, a point which was quickly and easily refuted by the Muni bus driver who stopped her bus to check on my unconscious sister and found no ear buds anywhere in the vicinity.
2) Amelie was run over by the front right tire of Mr Alcantar, she did not "run into an already turning truck."
3) There was no "smoking gun", instead there was piece after piece of accident reconstruction expert testimony and video evidence (which trust me the whole version of the video paints a clear picture of what happened) that validated the truth which was that Mr. Alcantar did not merge into the bike lane prior to making his turn which is a violation of the california driving code, and by all accounts is a CRIME.
4) Just for kicks as well, Mr. Alcantar called his employer first after running over my sister, he did not call 911.

Literally the only reason this was not a criminally prosecuted case was because of the shoddy so-called police "investigation". I heard account after account to validate exactly what I knew this whole time, a crime was committed.