Five people were shot at a nightclub in San Jose early Sunday morning as R&B singer Chris Brown performed onstage. The singer was not hurt, and the five victims shot are all expected to survive, authorities say.

Chris Brown was at the Fiesta nightclub, near the intersection of Monterey Road and Rancho Drive in San Jose, for an event known as the Capricorn Bash when shots were fired around 1:20 a.m. Police arrived to find four gunshot victims, who were then rushed to a hospital. A fifth victim, according to the San Jose Mercury News, later walked into a hospital on their own.

Police have detained "several people" in connection with the shooting, but have not released many details otherwise.

Video taken by people in the audience shows Brown onstage with his entourage performing his song "Loyal" when he notices and remarks on a fight breaking out in the crowd. Shots ring out, and in the commotion he can be seen being swarmed by bodyguards.

After the shooting, Brown tweeted "I'm 100" to say he was unharmed. The tweet has since been deleted.