"Sky's out, thighs out" is the motto of the four-year-old men's shorts startup Chubbies, started by some bros who were pals at Stanford. Forbes profiled them last year, and here, they're interviewed at their San Francisco headquarters by the wonderful "Everything But The News" team.

With a 5.5" inseam, Chubbies are indeed some short men's shorts. In my mind, they're almost a send-up of hyper-masculinity, a "how short is too short?" game of chicken that recalls the preppy shorts styles of the early 1980's. In show-stopping patterns and colors, they're not for the faint-hearted.

The brand's original hit was the 'Mericas, shorts in a simple American flag pattern that capitalized on recent ironic-or-not patriotism. They've recently branched out to underwear with a line they're calling the Chundies, demoing them in the video.

As the Chubbies crew would say, "Boomshakalaka." Yeah bruh, they really say that.